Tanush Travels Agency is owned and operated by Om Prakash Khudaliya .

We at Car Rental In Jaipur are committed to provide best in class car rental services to our Clients in Jaipur. While maintaining the quality of the service, we make sure that you don’t end up paying higher than the normal pricing, so we have dedicated teams who work on developing different traffic plans that best suit our Clients. We use technology on its highest way possible, which helps us to reduce our operational costs without affecting the quality of the service. The savings we make due to the use of technology is passed on to our Clients.

Safety: At Tanush Travels Agency, we make it our commitment to safeguard the interests of our Clients. For this purpose, we have developed certain measures which guarantee on road as well as data safety of our Clients. For on road safety, we use well maintained cars that are serviced regularly to avoid any headache during transit. We also make sure that the cab drivers are polite, punctual with the Clients. We only hire experienced drivers (chauffeurs) who know the regional routes very well. For Date safety, we use most modern data safety standards. Your data is stored under 128 bit encrypted SSL Connected Servers which guarantees privacy of your information that you share with us.

Security: At Tanush Travels Agency, security is of utmost importance to us. During transit, we try to use the roads that are well trafficked and patrolled by local law enforcement authorities. This ensures security of our Clients. We also try to halt vehicles only in reputed hotels.

Smooth Ride: In our Smooth Ride Formula, we have incorporated all the necessary car rental aspects. Our vehicles reach your pre-assigned destination on time; We do in-house audit of car cleanliness that help us provide clean cars to you; We use modern billing systems that help us maintain transparency in billing process. This car rental aspects, when combined together, help us provide you with Smooth Ride and best in class experience.

Besides above 3s Formula, we continually work on improving our Client’s car rental experience with us. For this purpose, we ask for feedback from you; the Customers! If you want to get in touch with us, or have any query or suggestions that can help us improve your car rental experience, kindly send an email to business AT carrentalinjaipur.com (replace AT with @; remove spaces).